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Andviv is a consulting firm providing expert assistance and guidance in the areas of Computer Security, Information Technology, Networking, Systems Integration and Wordsmith Services. We pride ourselves on paying attention to the finer details of a customer's needs; not attempting to provide a technological "fix" to a problem, but rather, an overall solution.

Depending upon your requirements, we can act as advisers, to help determine the direction required to achieve a given solution; or we can be analysts, who evaluate the current environment and match the desired goals to the best business processes.

We have extensive knowledge in areas of general IT infrastructure, Local and Wide Area Networking, Databases (Microsoft and Open Source), various programming and scripting languages, Microsoft Operating Systems and applications (Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, MS Office tools, SQL Server, Exchange) and also Unix (predominately Linux/AIX/BSD) and the raft of Unix-based services that abound in the Open Source Environment.

In conjunction with this spread of Computer/Networking acumen, we have a flair for the art of the written word. Wordsmith services, ranging from simple proof-reading and document layout, through to full-blown editing and the generation of documentation are available.

We also provide a translation service, which covers most languages. Whether you require a document translated into English or into another language, we can help you.

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