The whole system
needs to be greater
than the sum of the
component parts
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In every sense, a computer system is a collection of individual components. How these components are assembled makes a big difference to just how useful the computer environment will be. This includes the server, workstation and even the software.

systems integrationWe at Andviv specialise in creating solutions that improve the overall computing experience, through the integration of technology and processes that combine to increase your productivity. Whether the requirement is for increased storage capacity, or for resilient backups, we can assist by providing a critical review of your existing systems. If required, we can also work with you to determine a brand new infrastructure configuration that will be tailored to your needs and future growth.

Our expertise covers many of the areas that are essential for a successful business environment:

  • Server Configuration
  • Workstation Selection
  • Peripherals
  • Network Fax Servers
  • Mail Servers
  • Domain Name Servers
  • Web Servers
  • Database Servers

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