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risk versus usability
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SecurityComputer security is a hot topic; not so much because of the popular press, but more because the law makers are imposing stricter, enforceable conditions, all of which add to the cost of doing business. In the early days, it was sufficient to ensure that the systems were kept physically secure from untrustworthy people. No longer is it acceptable to lock the doors and leave the windows open when it comes to computer security.

With the advent of always on connectivity, the Barbarians are always at the gate. Unfortunately, that gate is not the only way in - and in some cases, they are already in. Computer security is manageable and can be defined in terms of business needs and costs. Andviv can assist you in overall security risk assessment by performing system audits, intrusion detection sweeps and by providing implementation costings to help in forging a sustainable, secure computing environment.

Ignoring these risks is a dangerous path to tread: what is important is accountability and maintainability. Security is manageable with documented policies and procedures. Once your security policy is clearly defined, the selection and implementation of a technological solution can begin.

Andviv can assist in answering the following questions:
Are your systems still in your control?Do you know how secure your systems are?
Are the data access controls that you have appropriate?Do your processes conform to the current laws?
Is your critical business data at risk?Are the staff using the computing services responsibly?

We provide the following services in this area:

  • Security Audits
  • Architectural Reviews
  • Security Policy Creation
  • Custom Firewall Configuration and Implementation
  • DMZ Configurations
  • Remote System Monitoring
  • Remote Server Management

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