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Information technologyThe world of information technology is sometimes a daunting place - many times, it is also a confusing place. The question of what is the right mix of technological components to achieve a desired end is always a hard question to answer and one that does not rely on the technology alone.

Andviv's approach is to sit down with you and discuss your company's needs and then consider the possible options. Sometimes during this phase comes the realisation that more than "just the basics" is required and that more needs to be included in the solution. Spending the time at the beginning of a project to define the real goals is critical to the Andviv philosophy. This attention to detail begins with the first meeting.

Andviv has the expertise to provide consultative services in many of the IT areas that are necessary to ensure a computer system is a business asset and not a liability. Some of the areas in which we can provide assistance are:

  • Overall Systems Design
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Ongoing Systems Support
  • Backup and Recovery Issues
  • Disaster Planning
  • Remote Access & VPN Configuration
  • Systems and Process Security
  • Internet/Online Presence

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