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support servicesA R E S - Advanced Remote Emergency Support is just that. When your system is still accessible to the internet it is possible to perform remote support. In this way Andviv can provide timely support in an emergecny.

So long as your IT problem is not related to your access to the network/Internet then ARES can provide a way for Andviv support staff to access your workstation desktop without exposing your system to unwanted external access.

If you have been requested to use ARES then you will need to download the support application to your machine. You need to have arranged or have been requested to use the ARES system as username and password is required to ensure both your and Andviv's security is maintained. The good news is that the ARES application does not need to be installed and in most cases will just work straight away.

Depending on your system requirement the ARES application may trigger the installed firewall detection feature and you will be asked to permit outgoing traffic, this is completely safe as ARES communicates ONLY with the Andviv support server.

Download ARES support application here

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