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backup & recoveryHands up if you have ever lost data because you forgot to back it up? Everyone, at some time, experiences the frustration resulting from the loss of data. Those patterns of 0's and 1's become ever so critical and the cost to a business when the unthinkable happens is truly shattering. Where a single user may lose a little data, a business should never lose any. Backup and recovery are two sides of the same coin. Andviv can assist with the design, implementation and documentation of the backup and recovery process that makes sense for you.

You should consider system data backup as your "insurance policy". They really are worth the cost when something goes wrong. And wrong is not just the failure of a system component. Backups can protect you from both external and internal systems intrusion.

If someone decided that they wanted to hurt your business, your computer systems would be the best choice of target. They provide a level of anonymity that can result in the damage going undetected for long periods of time. External hacks potentially result in the exposure of data that should not be seen outside your business, deletion of large quantities of critical data, or - even worse - could subtly change data to corrupt/mislead those processes that use the data. A good backup process can limit the damage and in some cases, provide recovery up to the moment of destruction.

Recovery is the process by which the backup is used to reinstate data that is required. Just knowing the way to run the restore application does not ensure that the required data is located and integrated back into the system. In some cases, the restore process is a moot point, as the backup process has not been working. The recovery process needs to be tested on a regular basis, to ensure familiarity with the process and to test that the backups, your electronic insurance policy, are indeed valid.

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