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Installation & configurationOnce the right system has been designed, it is equally important to perform a good installation and configuration phase.

Installation of a system is more than merely placing a box on a desk and plugging in some cables. With today's Plug'n'Pray hardware and complex software systems, taking the time to get it right pays big dividends. When the stability of the system can depend upon a single driver or software service, knowing the in's and out's and keeping up to date with the latest issues is a full time job. Andviv performs these tasks on a regular basis and our expert knowledge saves time in the long run. Microsoft has turned every user into a system administrator, whether they want to be or not, many times at the expense of the job they need to do. We can provide the installation services to ensure that your system is stable and a business asset.

In addition to the installation, we can configure many components of the system to best suit your needs and business requirements. We have skills in all of the following packages that can be used to fast track the system setup, in order to minimise your users' down time:

  • Microsoft Windows-based applications
    • Windows NT/2000/XP (pro & server)
    • MS Office applications
    • MS SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000
    • MS Exchange 5.5/2000
  • Other packages
    • Linux (Slackware/Debian/Redhat)
    • Apache HTTP server
    • ISC DHCP server
    • ISC BIND server
    • Sendmail
    • Samba
    • Squid
    • Hylafax

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