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Systems designMore and more, reliance on a system of computers, peripherals and communications is becoming the norm. Where once simple and "stand alone" devices operated in isolation, the modern equivalents are connected to each other, forming a web of services and dependencies. We can assist by reviewing your requirements and any existing limitations and then providing an overall system of components; this is a systems design.

Selection of the components can be an arduous task. Questions such as: Which is the best/most appropriate item available? and What are the options? need to be asked and answered to achieve an appropriate solution. The "One size fits all" approach is not always correct. Andviv's approach is to determine the true requirements for the system and to propose a set of options. The options take into consideration the local IT knowledge and any other business requirements, so that an informed decision can be made.

Because we are not affiliated with any single supplier, we can select the best solution from the market. In many cases, a hybrid approach is the most cost effective solution; where the familiar interface of Microsoft® on the desktop is matched with open source GNU/Linux services at the back end. This, coupled with web-based administration tools, allows the computing system to be managed and implemented in a way that enhances the computing experience for everyone involved.

Any system must be considered holistically. The failure of one critical item may cause the entire system to become a collection of isolated pieces. Being aware of the impact of a failure means that appropriate action can be taken to restore the systems to an operational level. How to cope with the failure of an item is what disaster planning is all about and is a separate issue.

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