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support servicesWhen all the systems are running smoothly, there are no problems, and this is just the way we like it. When things start to go wrong, expert assistance can turn a mountain into a mole hill. When we have installed/configured a system, we are also the best qualified people to provide ongoing support and regular service management of the system. This is know as small-scale facilities management.

Depending upon many factors (including the level of on-site technical knowledge), ongoing support services may be a viable option for your site. We can provide many services that enable you to concentrate on the running of your business and not the running of a computer system. From remote systems management and monitoring, through to emergency on-site call out, Andviv can help you out of a jam.

In many circumstances, a problem can be resolved remotely with just a telephone call to our office, but in those cases where this is insufficient, we can provide people to come to you.

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